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Home Application Guide
    It is better to use fabric curtains, add blackout cloth and sheers. The style is simple, the small window can choose ready made curtain.
Living Room
    Floor to ceiling curtains should be used for large living room. Window sheers can be used without shading. Small living rooms can install tie up curtains.
Kids Room
    It is suggested to using brightly colored and lively fabrics as curtains or cloth shutters.
    The restaurant is not a private space. If it is not exposed to the sun, generally a layer of tulle is ok. Printed or patterned curtains are also suitable for that.
    The best choice for closed balconies is the light filting curtains, breathable, filtering ultraviolet rays, which does not take up space. If the balcony is connected to the bedroom, a fabric blackout curtain will help you have a nice sleep at night.
    Natural fabric curtains or soundproof curtains will work well.
    Waterproof, oil-proof and easy-to-clean curtains should be selected.
    You can take some general curtains and vertical blinds for an office place.
    Curtains for hotels are different from home curtains. It is advisable to use generous decorative fabrics, such as straight lines and plain fabrics. The style should be simple and meet the aesthetic requirements of the public.
    The hotel lobby and wine bar mostly use privacy curtains. For the hotel rooms, using curtains made of warm and elegant decorative fabrics to make guests feel at home.
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